Reclaiming the City 5

real-estateWhen you look at housing starts across the country the story can quickly become depressing. So many subdivisions began with bright futures only to sit empty and unfinished. Maybe they’re waiting for a miracle or just someone with a dream. I don’t know. But I do know they highlight an important lesson.

Some of them get rescued. When a city makes a concerted effort to bring a construction site back to life it does much more than finish some houses. In a little town called Covington, Georgia the fine folks responsible for Walker’s Bend have breathed new life into the city.

The renewal of constructions, the influx of jobs, the wave of new homeowners – these benefits pay for themselves overnight. An entire city can go from being a run-down waste to a paradise. It all depends on who is willing to step up and get things done. I applied this fine city for acting to make a difference.

If you can find the space in your life to make a difference I encourage you to do it. Few things are as rewarding as changing the future for someone less fortunate. So get involved today.

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