Refinances Up with Low Interest Rates 26

short-sale-contractLower interest rates are causing a sharp increase in the number of refinances. Many distressed homeowners are starting to take advantage of the current situation to improve their terms.

August showed more than 131,000 refis, up 11,000 from July. This is because average interest rates are around 4.12%.

What this means is that homeowners haven’t all figured out the best way to capitalize on the current economic situation. A lot of people buy into the “saving money” plan. They think it sounds great and makes financial sense.

But the truth is there are many options available that banks don’t even want you to consider. Beyond even Short Sales. There’s a world of financial tools that real estate experts have access to. But people are scared and take the simplest path.

We have a mission, people. We need to find those homeowners who are missing out. Who have bought into a storyline that doesn’t do them justice. We’re here for them and we need to show them the right way to handle a distressed property.

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