Romney or Emmys? 2

I’m going to let you guys decide today’s blog post. I’ve got two burning topics and I’m not sure which one would be more fun to talk about. So I’m letting you decide. How cool is that? Whichever topic you think is more fun to rant and rave about in the comments section will be today’s topic. Here are the choices:

a) Romney’s tax returns

b) Who won at the Emmys

Let’s start with (a) Romney’s taxes. It’s of course a fun subject for rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, and just about everyone. So what do you think about it? Should he release more years of returns? Is his capital gains tax of 14% too low? Is he out of touch with working class folks?

And now on to (b) The Emmys. What did you guys think? I couldn’t believe how many upsets there were. None of my favorite shows won. (Can you guess what they are?) Did yours? I think the awards are mostly meaningless, but it really gets me riled up when quality actors aren’t recognized and real no-talents get all the glory. Is it just me or are you also fed up with it?

So what’s more fun to argue about, Romney or the Emmys? You decide by leaving a comment and let’s see which subject gains more voices.

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2 thoughts on “Romney or Emmys?

  • Myles

    There must be a better way for the rep party to convey the trickle down theory so the big 47% would understand that it in their best interest. The stimulus job chest is out of money. Who cares about the I got mine left wing liberal actors. Lets talk Romney.

  • Nancy

    If the public thinks Romney paid too little tax then I don’t care to see his returns – I want to know who his CPA is. It also goes to show Romney is financially savvy and thinks we should be taxed less – i like that!