Romney’s Housing Plans 5

mitt romney housing white paperWhat do you think about Romney’s platform? Does he speak for the people or is he out of touch? Will he put the country on the right track? Will his policies inspire hope?

I don’t know the answers to these questions but Mitt’s giving the country a taste of what he’s got on his mind. When it comes to housing he just released a paper with a lot to say. Here are some of the key ideas:

– get government money out of the housing market (and get private money back in)

– drop Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

– spurring job creation, especially in Florida

I don’t think Romney is laying out all he has to say on these subjects, but that’s not really the point of releasing white papers. But he’s giving Americans a chance to see what his core values are. And now it’s up to us.

What do you think of his key points? Do you like the idea of moving away from government spending? Do you think the housing market is ready for a new direction?

Now is the time to speak out. Think this through before elections, and let your voice count.

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5 thoughts on “Romney’s Housing Plans

  • Ron

    I think it’s a GREAT idea to get Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac out. I don’t think that NO government oversight is the answer, but we have to get MORE private money in if the market is going to stabilize.

  • Jim Myers

    Romney stated that he would end the FHA.

    Considering that the FHA is powering a huge percentage of the home sales that are actually closing, I fail to see how this will do anything other than destroy whatever momentum the housing market now has.

    Absolutely a terrible idea.

  • Noah Olay

    Some of Mitt Romney proposals have merit to it but this man is only looking for his well being meaning profits at expense of vulnerable. If Government out of housing market, the middle class will pay more in fees than well to do class meaning the rich. Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae must be purged for corruptions within the organization but not abolished them altogether. Banks are private institution lending money to communities to purchase houses, they’re bias in race profiles.

  • Richard

    Let’s not forget the hand that Barnie Frank and Chris Dodd had in the housing collapse. Both big tax and spend liberals that want more government not less. Less government intervention in free trade is a good thing. Get the government out of the housing business, the school business, the energy business, the taxing business and my business and let the states decide what they want to do. Anyone that wants less government intervention is ok in my book. A government big enough to give you everything is also big enough to take it all away. We were never meant to be ruled from the top. The beauty of the Constitution is WE THE PEOPLE are running the show. I say let’s give BHO his walking papers and see what Romney can do. Anything would be better than the Harvard educated, community organizer, junior Senator from Illinois. What ideas did he bring to the table four years ago that every one was willing to debate about. No one debated about his redistribution of wealth plan. We did not demand white papers from BHO nor did he provide any. Just the rhetoric of hope and change. What the heck did that even mean. I remember, he wanted to fundamentally change America. I certainly don’t want my wealth redistributed nor the land I love to be fundamentally changed. Let’s leave those fundamentals alone. They have worked pretty well for all of these years. Redistribute to who, by whom. Redistribution of wealth is a communist plank. The decision for me is easy. Vote for the Eagle Scout, self made millionaire that annually donates tons of money and time to charity, stood by his wife during her bout with cancer and has nothing but admiration from those that have ever known him or worked with him or vote for the community organizer with little or no real life experiences that kicked his religious leader under the bus upon learning of Rev Wrights anti American beliefs and than tells us he never heard anything like that in the last twenty years while sitting in the pews every Sunday. BHO hides from the public the fact that he smokes. BHO refuses to allow anyone to read any of his Harvard transcripts or those of his wife. Give me a break. The choice between these two is the easiest we have ever had in the history of this country. Mitt has it all over BHO on every level. Now if people could only see past the smoke and mirrors set up for them by the main stream media in their attempt to control the outcome of this election. They want BHO in office without a doubt. Not certain why, but they do. Vote Mitt to get headed back to prosperity. Vote Mitt to elect a President that will work for the people. Vote Mitt if you are tired of seeing the President out on vacation all the time. Vote Mitt if you want someone other than an idiot for Vice President.

  • Ed H

    I have over 21 years as a full time realtor and investor. There is no way I will ruin this country by voting for Obama.