Senate told: Don’t Change Federal Policy 25

federal reserveStagnation is annoying. When things are going great people get too scared to make changes. And then before you know it, it’s too late to change, everyone panics, and things get worse. So then you’re forced to change.

This is exactly the path we’re headed down. The Federal Reserve chairwoman, Janet Yellen, told the Senate that the economic recovery is going well. More importantly, she said it’s going so well that we should not change Federal policy at all.

Nope, just keep it as is. This might be true in theory but as a member of the real estate investing community I can tell you for a fact it’s time for some changes.

Case in point: she admitted that despite some recovery in the housing sector progress has been disappointing this year. Her solution – keep doing what we’re doing.

Huh? I mean, huh?? Why not true adjusting things. Checking if your policies are still meeting demands. Take advice from experts.

Is that too much to ask? Apparently. I wonder if the Senate is going to take her seriously. But as for me, I’m finding ways to make this housing market a gold mine. I’m sure you’re getting yourself into some prime opportunities as well. Keep spreading the good word about REI and we’ll see some nice returns.

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