Where were you? 27

9/11 terrorist attacks on world trade centerAs our entire country stood still and remembered the fallen yesterday, the question most commonly heard was “Where were you when it happened?”

We find a lot of comfort in sharing our experiences and hearing others stories. One tragic event 11 years ago united us, helped us emerge stronger, and now as we look back the healing process continues. For those of us personally affected the process will continue forever. But when we all have an answer to that question, when each and every one of us remembers exactly where we were the moment we heard about the terrorist attacks in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, we feel connected to each other.

And it’s that connection which makes us stronger. Together we can overcome hatred and adversity. We can defeat enemies within and without. And we can reclaim our spot as the beacon of hope for the world.

So, where were you? Leave your story below.

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