Short Sales Are Saving the Housing Market 25

foreclosure mortgage short salesI love starting off the new year with good news. And if you’re a short sale pro like me the news just doesn’t get any better than this. Compared to a year ago, foreclosures are down 18%. That by itself isn’t so startling but what is startling is that experts across the entire spectrum are crediting this to short sales.

Only 55,000 homes went into foreclosure in November. And as short sales continue to be viewed as the ideal solution to the housing crisis the numbers should continue to drop.

Short sales have long been known to be the only reasonable answer to what’s plaguing the housing market. It’s a win for the bank, a face-saver for the homeowner, and huge windfall for short sale experts. I’ve been involved and invested for years. My students and friends have gotten in on the action.

And 2013 can be the year that you step up and claim your fortune. Why let the opportunities keep slipping by you? Why not take advantage of the huge tools I’m offering you and get rich already? Don’t let 2013 be worse than 2012.

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