Short Sales Benefit All 29

I think it’s important to see the difference between what’s good for “you” and what’s good for “us”. What I mean is people usually think it’s either/or but not both. But let me set the record straight, when it comes to Short Sales, it is most definitely “what’s good for me is good for us.”

A realty company has just announced the findings of their study. Basically they have proven scientifically that everyone benefits from a Short Sale. Not just that – they’ve managed to put a number on it.


Yep, a Short Sale brings returns that are 24% greater than a foreclosure. And that means if a bank is stubborn enough to go through with a foreclosure they are losing, on average, $43,000 more than if they’d done a short sale.

Not only that, but all the usual costs add up and hurt many people, the homeowner not least of all. And yet, though this is obvious to everyone, banks are consistently going through with (usually illegal) foreclosures.

The reason why is obvious, I guess – they’re lining their pockets in other ways and hurting the economy is just an added bonus in their minds. Such a shame really since me, my associates, my colleagues, we’re all out there making Short Sales the go-to option for distressed homeowners. But there will always be people who want to stand in our way.

Luckily, we’ve got you. Dedicated Short Sale enthusiasts who spread the good word and make a fortune doing it. So keep it up, keep strong, and know that there’s money to be made which helps everyone.

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