Shutdown Poll Hurts Congress 26

congress shutdownWe’re nine days into the government shutdown. But am I feeling the pinch? Well, not directly. But I certainly feel bad for all those folks out of jobs. And still bad, but a little less, for those people dependent on government services. And also bad for people who had to cancel plans because some government run tourist spots are shuttered.

So yeah, I’m feeling something. But what about people in Congress? Do they really care about what the common people are going through? Probably not. But since the only thing they care about are their approval ratings, maybe they’ll stop and take notice. Here are some of the fun figures:

– The big one! Congress’ approval rating – a whopping 5%! I’m sure that’s the worst in history, but feel free to correct me.

– 68% say the shutdown is a big problem. What does Congress think?

– 50% of the country thinks the two sides should try and compromise. That’s pretty sad. I think we learned in kindergarten that compromise works.

– 80% of people don’t feel any impact from the shutdown. That’s cool, but what are we waiting for? Till it does start hurting? That just doesn’t make sense.

So if you’re at all interested in politics, please speak up and get the word out. This shutdown is bad news and we need to put an end to it right now.

If you disagree, please tell me why in the comments.

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