Does Size Matter?

homerepair-150x150Does size really matter? Or more precisely, does what other people think of size really matter? It’s a question that people in the real estate business ask all the time. How much does square footage really factor in to a deal?

You might think I’m being a bit tricky here. I mean, obviously size of a property is just one thing to look for. There’s lots of factors that determine if something is the right fit for the right client.

So why do we always list size first? Why not start with the other “important factors”?

Well, I think there’s an important answer here. Size is important for one reason – it tells you the limits of what’s possible. Unless you’re advertising building permits, the size represents the upper limit of space you can work with.

All the other factors are great but they can change. And they don’t limit you on how much you want to do with the property. But size? That’s it. You can’t make more space, you can only decide how to use it.

Keep that lesson in mind in life as you interact with people. Constantly be aware of your limits. Don’t try too hard until you’re ready and be sure to put others first. You’ll accomplish so much more that way.

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