Spring Prices On the Rise 25

housing prices riseI think some folks like to jump the gun, but Spring is one of those things that people just can’t wait for. There’s something about the excitement of Spring that brings even the quietest people out of their shells and gets business (and life) really moving. So in real estate terms I’m one of the excited-for-Spring people.

Here’s a good example of what I’m talking about. Winter didn’t even see a little dip in home values. In fact, prices are up almost 10% year over year, and 0.7% from December to January. Now that’s refreshing stuff.

So then people start to wonder what’s coming for the next buying season. Will we feel the pressure from growing too fast and see prices slide? Will there be investor panic? All good questions.

But I’m a positive guy. I’m gung-ho when it comes to REI, Spring, and life in general. So I think we’re going to see continued strong growth. And the best part is – you can be a part of it!

Now is the time to shake off the snow and get involved. Find a competent mentor, realize your potential, and get in the real estate game. Leave a comment if you want in!

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