State of My Union

All the political commentators I’ve seen yapping away on television seem to be focused on making the most outrageous predictions. Not just in general but specifically on what the President is likely to say in his State of the Union address. They love to quote the same hot topic issues and beat them to death.

As boring as that kind of talk is it also can be very dangerous. Because it’s distracting. It hides from us the real issues going on, the ones that will affect every one of us on a daily basis. There are of course big topics that deserve attention. But first and foremost we need to consider some basics.

Our livelihoods. Our families. Our friends. Our communities.

These are treasures we need to preserve and protect. This means making sure we know what to do to ensure a bright future of the things we care about. How can we do that if we’re constantly being pulled towards the “big” things?

So I just want to make sure you have your priorities in order this year. Make sure you continue to work hard making the best deals and find the best opportunities. It’s about luck and preparation. Don’t miss out on either one.

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