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Foreclosures Declining Nationwide 26

It’s being reported that there have been major drops in the number of delinquencies and foreclosures. (I won’t take all the credit, but maybe just a little.) For the last 5 quarters delinquencies have been dropping, and the shadow foreclosure inventory has similarly been dropping. But the good news isn’t […]

Defaulters – Not Really a Risk? 24

No one can deny that the housing market has changed drastically from what it was only a year ago, and that it’s continually throwing us curveballs. And while the biggest news goes to foreclosures and loan modifications, there’s a large segment out there that’s emerging – first-time defaulters. Now, that’s […]

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foreclosure increase nationwide

The Foreclosure Challenge 23

Delinquencies and foreclosures are still high, but are also on the decline. That’s message being put out by Lender Processing Services based on their figures at the end of December. Right now there are 6.87 million mortgages behind or in foreclosure. But that’s actually down from 6.92 million in November. […]