Obama’s Pretty Please to Banks 27

Well, since Obama asked so nicely I guess we’d all better listen. He has publicly asked the banks to “be nice” to lenders. His main argument was “Banks, we were nice to you when you needed money, so please be nice to us.” Not the most inspiring speech I’ve ever […]

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Fed Law Punishes Robo-Signing Banks 25

Yet another in a series of wrong moves by the government occurred on Thursday. All of the banks involved in the robo-signing issue received notice of a new regulation. Essentially, it tells them that unless they offer principal loan balance reductions for underwater borrowers, they’re going to be fined something […]

fhfa foreclosure reform policy

FHFA on Foreclosures 25

Now the FHFA has decided to throw its hat into the foreclosure ring. They’ve proposed their solution to the backlog of foreclosure filings, while still allowing them to continue. If successful, they might allow the banks to save face and foreclosures to keep moving through. IF they succeed. But we’ll […]

Obama vs. Big Lenders 1

I’m sure no one who just casually sits down to read the paper (do people even read the “paper” anymore?) has any idea what the solution to the foreclosure crisis is. It’s such a monumentally complex issue that it’s probably too much for any one person to handle. And yet, […]

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Foreclosures Still Climbing 5

I bet you thought all of the efforts over the past two years to slow the foreclosure rate were helping. I mean, we’ve certainly spent enough money on programs to improve the situation. Well the latest report say that foreclosure starts have actually continued to accelerate. Last month, over 280,000 […]