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Obama’s Pretty Please to Banks 27

Well, since Obama asked so nicely I guess we’d all better listen. He has publicly asked the banks to “be nice” to lenders. His main argument was “Banks, we were nice to you when you needed money, so please be nice to us.” Not the most inspiring speech I’ve ever […]

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BofA’s Delinquency Rating 11

If you were going to give your bank a grade on its performance when it comes to dealing with mortgage delinquencies, what grade would you give it? I’d like to believe most of you out there wouldn’t know how to answer this question, but the sad reality is it’s more […]

Washington is Pro Short Sales 24

Guess what? Short sales are officially on the rise. That’s right, 31,000 borrowers with government loans opted for a short sale during the second quarter of the year. This is 27% higher than the first quarter. So our business is definitely being recognized as THE solution to the housing crisis. […]

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