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Ally Financial Gives Away FREE Houses 1

Ally Financial has finally decided that in the current financial crisis, making a quick buck is less important than doing right by its customers, its investors, and the country as a whole. I’m referring of course to their newest announcement – they’re willing to lower the principal on mortgages deemed […]

Foreclosures Declining Nationwide 26

It’s being reported that there have been major drops in the number of delinquencies and foreclosures. (I won’t take all the credit, but maybe just a little.) For the last 5 quarters delinquencies have been dropping, and the shadow foreclosure inventory has similarly been dropping. But the good news isn’t […]

foreclosure mortgage delinquency declines

robo-signing banks punished

Fed Law Punishes Robo-Signing Banks 25

Yet another in a series of wrong moves by the government occurred on Thursday. All of the banks involved in the robo-signing issue received notice of a new regulation. Essentially, it tells them that unless they offer principal loan balance reductions for underwater borrowers, they’re going to be fined something […]