Strategic Foreclosures 9

Two new studies that are beyond obvious and probably a waste of time, just came out. They say that record numbers of home owners are walking out on their mortgages even though they can still make payments. I just have one word for this: DUH! Yep, seems that confidence in […]

What Do You Believe? 1

Belief is a powerful thing. It can help you overcome obstacles (“I think I can, I think I can”). It can get you through hard times. Or, it can sink you. That’s unfortunately what’s happening to alot of homeowners. According to a new poll by Harris Interactive, 24% of people […]

The Bigger They Are . . . 25

Apparently, overvalued homes took the biggest plunge between 2005 and now. In 2005, there were 330 areas nationwide that were classified as "significantly overvalued." Now, guess how many there are? None! In fact, homes are actually undervalued now. Between 9 and 10 percent undervalued actually. Can anyone else smell the […]