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Principal Reductions are in the Mail 8

Your check may be in the mail. That’s right, not a Publisher’s Clearinghouse one, but free money is free money so don’t ask questions. Bank of America will be mailing out more than 200,000 letters telling borrowers that they are eligible for principal reductions on their mortgages. Three requirements: 1) […]

GSE mortgage underwater principal reduction

Principal Reduction Will Cost You BIG

The debate on applying principal reductions to underwater homes is really starting to heat up. They’ve started throwing out terms like “moral hazard” and “shared appreciation” and other things that really don’t solve the issues. But at least they’re talking. Basically the only way such a program would be effective […]

underwater distressed homes

“Spin” an “Underwater Home” into a “Bargain Home”

Spin. Spin is a very interesting concept and it’s in use every single day. Spin is all in the context, in how you say something in just the right way that it sounds totally different. Today’s headlines provide a good example. “2011 Home Bargains May Continue This Year” That headline […]

Banks Now Giving Away Investors’ Homes FREE 1

Want to hear a shocking statistic? 11.1 million borrowers are underwater. Actually, that’s not the shocking one. Here it is: 4.4 million underwater borrowers have both first and second mortgages. That’s not just shocking, it’s downright scary. Now the current government “thinking” regarding helping them get sorted out is principal […]

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foreclosure mediation program in florida

Foreclosure Mediation Fail 25

You know how Congress seems to have a big problem compromising? The two parties can’t seem to both get behind something because of “irreconcilable differences”? Well, it seems Florida has caught the unreasonable bug. You see, Florida had this need foreclosure mediation program. I say “had” because as you’ll see […]