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How many of you out there are techies just like me? I don’t want to see a show of hands, I want a show of tweets.

I’m always up on the latest new gadgets coming out. I know it’s crazy to wait on lines 3 days in advance, in a blizzard, in a back alley, in a bad neighborhood just to get the latest iPad, or iPod, or iPid (wait, is that even a real one??)

But for some reason, when something cool comes out I’ve gotta try it. And I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m not just trying it out for myself.

No way! Remember, be a servant. Make yourself useful. I check these toys, I mean, devices, out so that I can help you spend your money wisely. You don’t wanna shell out major bucks on something that’s gonna be a bust. Or will just make your life harder and more complicated instead of easier and simpler.

Right? I mean, at first your friends might think you’re cool, but when your Android turns out to be made of marshmallow fluff you don’t want to be laughed at!

So I do the legwork for you. I get my hands on all the neatest stuff and push these things to the limits.

And last week I gave away a free iPad. You can’t even buy these things in the stores and there’s a month’s waiting list online. But for my friends and followers I’m there helping you out.

If you’ve got a new gadget you want me to test drive for you, just let me know. Think something’s cool? Give me a call and I’ll check it out.

And when the next big thing hits, you’ll already be miles ahead of everyone else.

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