The Final Romney-Obama Debate

obama debates romneyWhew! No more debates – at least between candidates. It’s finally over. It’s time to just sit back and watch the end of the election season loom. Things are picking up pace as both candidates roll out all their tricks to win votes.

But this week’s debate was the last chance for both men to come face to face and spell out what voters wanted to hear. I don’t want to say “what they stand for” so let’s just leave it at that. Who do you think did a better job of telling people what they want to hear?

I guess till the election this will be last chance for all of us to bounce ideas around and share our thoughts on the campaign. So I want you to really let loose.

What were the highlights of the campaign?

Who do you think is going to win?

What surprises are in store for us on election night?

Make sure to keep the discussion civil, but passionate. Put passion into everything you feel strongly about, respect others but also yourself, and believe in the strength of your convictions.

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