The Road to Recovery 26

recoveryAre you a glass is half empty or a glass is half full kind of person? Do you like to focus on the positive or the negative? Or do you just skip the hype and take a drink? Either way, it’s a day of half way marks.

Trulia announced that they’ve declared the housing recovery “half way there.” Whatever the heck that means. Basically we’re half way back to where we were before the housing crisis hit. So they conclude we must be half way to where we’re supposed to be.

Now if you’ve got any kind of brain at all you know that the levels we were seeing before the crash weren’t “normal” levels. They were actually so high and inflated that they actually caused the crash. It’s the simple. So saying that we’re half way there means you’re shooting for the wrong point.

But just one second – don’t get me wrong. I never shoot for mediocrity. I don’t settle for second best. And I don’t want to sell our country short. What I mean is this – you’ve gotta appreciate what you have. You can’t dream of things going back to how they were. You can’t step back into an old way of looking at things. No matter the curve balls life throws you it’s important to be happy with all the good that you have.

So in life, and in real estate, we’re struggling up a long climb. But every gain is significant and every step forward is an accomplishment. I’m proud of you guys for stepping up your game and being part of this fantastic recovery. And I hope you’re proud of me too.

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