Top 6 Cities for 2015

The key to any successful housing recovery is the same as it’s always been: first time home buyers. Sure there’s lots of ingredients like investors, renters, short sales, etc. But the biggest new blood infusion in the market is those newbies looking for a first home.

Keeping that in mind it’s important to keep a clear perspective on 2015 and how things are shaping up. Which housing markets are going to be hot? Which ones are not?
It’s not possible to predict completely but taking into account more than 15 pieces of data has come up with a list to watch out for.

1) Atlanta – expect double digit growth.
2) Dallas – a decent 7% rise.
3) Des Moines – climbing back up leaves plenty of room for growth.
4) Denver – a whopping 14% growth is predicted.
5) Houston – lots of solid fundamentals with sustainable 5% growth
6) Los Angeles – don’t count this city out. Lots of room for improvement.

Keep this list handy and direct your real estate investing efforts where they’ll do the most good. Let me know what successes you achieve.

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