Top Ten Housing Markets in 2014 25

The hottest markets to keep your eye on in 2014 have been predicted. Lots of people are reporting on the huge potential in these areas and any serious real estate investor would do well to keep them in mind. I want to be the first to get you up to speed on what you need to know.

1) Oakland, California – Median home price is $545,000 and should rise by almost 10%

2) Fort Worth, Texas – Median price is a more affordable $181,300 but don’t expect it to stay that low for long.

3) New Orleans, Louisiana – Expect to see prices in the mid-$160k as the rebuilding gets into a serious phase.

4) Richmond, Virginia – $220k will get you a decent investment and you should see more than 8% return.

5) Hartford, Connecticut – This out of the way destination is showing lots of promise and won’t set you back too much. Look for low $200,000s and exciting new projects going up.

That’s half the list for now. I’ll dish the rest of the top ten next week. Let me know if you have any predictions.

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