Unemployment Surprises

Can you trust everything you read? Of course not, you’re smarter than that. But the hotshot analysts up in Wall Street aren’t. They took some important numbers at face value and now they’re all confused.

Basically they were hit with two surprises:

1) Employment was only up 169,000 in August (that’s pretty low)

2) The employment numbers for July were lowered by 58,000.

So not only is the economy doing worse than the big boys expected, it’s worse than they’ve even thought they had a handle on. If it wasn’t so serious I’d be laughing. But it is serious so let’s see what we need to be doing about it.

The important things that you need to keep in mind are:

– The economy is still growing so there’s going to be more money floating around.

– More jobs means more people moving around. There’s opportunity there if you find the right kind of property.

– Real estate is a solid business in this economy.

I want to hear success stories right now. I want you out there making great deals and bragging about them to all of us here. Let’s spread the wealth and the knowledge.

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