Wacky 2013 Predictions Download Book Of Ra For Nokia C3

Wacky 2013 Predictions Download Book Of Ra For Nokia C3

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Of all the predictions I’ve heard this month the strangest one has got to be this – we’re going to discover a planet just like Earth this year.

I think that’s just plain weird. It’s an odd kind of prediction and also really bizarre. But that’s what this time of year brings out in people – a prediction that the next year will be a huge leap forward from the current one. So 2012 is no exception.

Oh yeah, back to planets. So what might this mean for us? Well, the astronomers say we’re looking for a planet about our size, made of about the same kind of material, orbiting a star about the size of ours about the same distance as Earth.

Sure . . . . we’re gonna find that. So they respond, “Yep, out of the 200 billion stars just in this galaxy, chances are one of them has a planet like ours.”

Um, yeah, and 2013 is when we’re gonna find it. And do you think we’ll see a sign on it saying “Life this way”?

I don’t think so. Let’s enjoy making fun predictions before New Years. Then when January finally rolls in let’s get back to making real magic happen.

Want to share some of your predictions? Go on, they’re not as wacky as this one.

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