Weird States and Home Price Increases 25

Here’s a group of states that are never mentioned in the same list. Tell me if you think this is as strange as I do:

Delaware, Alaska, Arizona, North Carolina, and Washington D.C.

Can you think of anything these places have in common? Maybe they all cover the corners of our country (except for D.C. maybe). Actually, here’s what they have in common. They posted the five highest growths in the home price index. Home prices rose the most in the latest report of month over month gains.

I think this means that predictions about price gains are completely unpredictable. Who would guess that Alaska and Arizona would both prove to be so popular in the same month? Or Delaware and North Carolina? There probably isn’t one factor that would unite both.

But it really doesn’t matter. The key is to always make smart investments, watch your local market, and be ready to jump at a good opportunity. So no matter where you live you can make a major splash in the real estate market if you make smart investments.

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