What Your Walls Say About You

You know what’s fun? To just randomly paint your house, inside and out, really bizarre colors. They don’t have to be normal colors, they don’t have to make sense or match, but just to be really wild with your color choices. Spontaneously. Just because it’s fun.

I’m not recommending you do this too often. It’s a pain, it gets expensive, and you might actually like the bizarre colors you chose! But if you’re up for it give it a try. I think you’ll discover something really cool.

You’ll actually notice your walls!

Think about it. How often do you notice your walls. Aside from the roof they’re easily the most important part of the house. Everyone who doesn’t come around your house too often notices them. But for us living day to day in our 4 walls, we forget to even pay attention to them.

But then if you try my experiment you begin to actually pay attention to your surroundings. You think of your home as an expression of yourself to the world. You think about what your colors say about you.

What’s the craziest thing you did in your home just to shock your system? If you have a wild and wacky story, please share it below.

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