When is the Right Place also the Right Time to Invest? 24

flipping-housesWe’re all expecting good things to be just around the corner. I mean, why not? The economy got about as bad as it could get and now things should be coming up from rock bottom. So where’s the question? Where’s the uncertainty?

According to Freddie Mac, if you can believe them, all signs point to an immediate uptick in economic activity, particularly felt in the housing market. They’re showing all the important stats – employment, household income, housing price – all moving in positive directions. These things are rising so quickly that it’s even causing the “recovery” to slow down. That’s a big step.

And it’s not one I’m so sure we can make just yet. Consider that in this varied country of ours there’s always a trade off. When jobs pick up in one place they slide in another. When home prices rise, things get sold. It’s never win-win.

The most important thing to keep in mind when watching the economy is to make the right move at the right time in the right place. Three key ingredients to a successful investing strategy. Don’t walk in blindly and don’t hang your hopes on dry numbers.

If you’re getting the feeling that the time to invest is now, I agree with you. If you know where to invest . . . well, now we’re playing a different ball game.

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