Where is the next President?

american presidentThis presidential race is getting wackier by the minute. Neither of these guys can go five minutes without making some major blunder that looks like the end of everything. It’s a joke watching the ball get dropped by one candidate just to get picked up and dropped just as fast by the other. So I think looking at the short clip, at the two minute blooper reel, at snapshots of life is just the wrong way to pick a president.

The future of our country is too important to waste on silly issues. We need to realize as a people that there are bigger issues and more important things to focus on. Don’t look at a slip of the tongue, look at leadership. Don’t worry about looking silly, worry about inspiring others.

The only thing that matters to me at this point is finding a leader that’s going to get me fired up. Who is the one who will really act like a President? The finer points of tax policy, or foreign policy, or anything else are small issues. Yes, they’re important but they’ve got advisers, checks and balances, and many other factors that will decide those issues.

But the one thing a President can’t get from others is what he has inside. His heart, his passion for this country, his love for America, and his belief in our spirit. I’m still waiting to see these qualities. But if you think they’ve already come out then please leave a comment now and show me. And show others. We need to raise the level of debate and we’re running out of time to do it.

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