Who Will Win or Lose in the Debt Ceiling Fight? 25

housing recovery downgradeRaising the debt ceiling…

I’ll just let those words sink in for a minute before I continue. It’s going to be the biggest battle this year. And as much as everyone promises it’s not going to be a drama showdown this year we all know where the debate is headed.

And who’s going to suffer the most for it? According to the Center for American Progress it’s the housing market. Not only could we have our credit rating downgraded again we might see the housing recovery take a big dive. I’m not generally a doom-and-gloom kind of guy but I know firsthand just how fragile the market is right now.

So what can we do about it? Write to our Congressmen? Whine about it? Sell our assets and move to a moon base? (If there was one I’d totally move there!)

Probably none of those things will make a difference. But there is one way to get people’s attention – money!

Make a difference with your investments. Buy now and buy big! Invest heavily now before rates rise and people lose interest. Now is the time to get started! I really can’t stress this enough people – if you wait around for the recovery to get bigger or stronger you’re going to miss the boat.

So contact me right now and get the tips you need to really make a fortune at this crucial time.

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