Winter Ice Storms

winter ice stormIce storms be a-comin folks! Yeah forget the “gentle” blizzards you’ve known so far this winter. You might have thought those were bad/inconvenient/funny. But you’re about to find out just how much an ice storm can wreck your day.

Just for a bit of scientific info (skip this part if you don’t care what caused the thing that just knocked a tree through your car): ice storms form when already freezing rain passes through really cold air just before it hits the ground. It gets “supercooled” (that’s the actual word) and instantly freezes on whatever it lands on. So you get water splashing down and then boom, it’s frozen on you. Trees, power lines, defenseless kittens – doesn’t matter, they all get turned into popsicles holding up tons of weight.

These storms can be extremely costly and way dangerous. If you don’t have to go outside, just stay home. If you need to go outside, stay home anyway. Call in sick, cut your phone lines and tell everyone the ice got them, just do something to stay safe.

We talk about real estate a lot, but how often do we think about the actual homes? We think of them as properties and judge them by value, sellability, location and ability to sell them, possibly fast, if necessary (check out Druther Home Buyers for more info) . But they’re also homes for families, they’re roofs over children’s heads, and they’re the one thing protecting us from the elements that are waiting to do us in.

So a house can still be a house. But when you’re talking to someone about buying a home, or making a short sale, this is the most compelling argument you can make. Sure, helping the market recover is an amazing goal. Raising home value for everyone is great. But helping people live, helping give the human spirit value in the most bitter cold – that’s worth so much more.

Stay safe everyone!

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