Winter Opportunities

How many times does winter have to swing around to kick us while we’re down before we learn our lesson? I mean, you’d think one or two major snowstorms a season would be enough. But no, we keep holding out hope for a big one and then a couple of little ones. Guess God has other plans.

That’s usually what happens isn’t it? You make all kinds of plans in your head even though your life is going to head down an entirely different path. And then you wonder why you weren’t prepared. “Expect the unexpected” is a good rule to live by.

I’ve been approached many times already by my peers and proteges asking my opinion on what’s going to be big in real estate investing in 2015. And I’ve given my best guesses based on years of experience. But you know what those years of experience have taught me?

Never be too sure of yourself. Because honestly, you need to be prepared for anything. Grab whatever opportunities present themselves. Keep learning and expanding your skill set. And don’t decide on your path without accepting a little humility and guidance. You may think you’re ahead of the game but you’ll only be left behind.

Have a safe and enjoyable winter!

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