Your Superbowl Champion Pick?

superbowl champion footballSince Monday’s article was so serious and heavy I really wanted to make today’s article a little lighter and . . . less serious. Well, you be the judge of that. I know opinions will rage almost as fiercely about this topic as gun control, but that’s just how I do things. I don’t avoid the tough conversations. So here goes:

Who’s going to the Super Bowl and who’s going to win it?

Not what you were expecting? I didn’t think so but I was impressed with the number of responses I got to my last article that I want to keep the ball rolling. Who’s your pick for the playoffs? What upsets are you predicting?

I get to be pretty impartial in this discussion but I have a favorite. If enough of you write in with your big pick to win it all I might just share some of my predictions.

So . . . who’s going all the way?

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